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Why is my sink clogged?


– Hi, my name is Brandon Ledford.
– I’m the master plumber here at Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.
– Just wanted to go over a couple quick tips of one of the most common service calls we get which is clogged sink drains.
– One of the first things we can recommend is you can try to clean out your pop up.
– You can pull it out.
– Clean it out.
– Usually, you get a buildup of hair, soap, shaving cream, you know.
– It’s just a build-up of toothpaste, everything that goes down your drain.
– Clean it off.
– Put it back.
– If that doesn’t work, you can always lightly plunge your drain.
– We usually recommend that you either clean the drain or lightly plunge the drain over pouring over the counter chemicals down it because, if you have an older plumbing system, these can be corrosive and they can do actually more damage to your plumbing then good.
– Most of the time, if you have a clog, it’s to the point that it either needs to be removed or pushed further down where it gets to a larger opening.
– The chemicals usually just sit in your pipe, you know.
– They can sometimes give you temporary relief, but it’s usually not a permanent solution.
– So, we would like to either completely get the clog out or be able to plunge it down.
– If you’ve tried all these common cures and nothing fixes your problem, please, give us a call.
– We will send a plumber out and get it taken care of for you.

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