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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling?

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling?

If your central air conditioner appears to be blowing out anything but cold air, you could have a problem. There are a few reasons why it may be blowing room temperature or even warm air, some of them have easy fixes and some you will need to call a professional.

Easy Fixes

Problem: The Thermostat is set to “ON”

The thermostat has different settings for different reasons. If left to “ON” all the time, the air conditioner will blow ALL the time. This means that sometimes the air that it is blowing may not have been cooled.

Solution: Set Thermostat to “AUTO”

Changing the thermostat from “ON” to “AUTO” will allow for only cooled air to be blown throughout your home.

Problem: Air Filter Is Dirty

If the air filter is really dirty, it may not be allowing much air through. This means even if the air is actually cool, you aren’t feeling it because so little of it is actually making it through the filter.

Moreover, this causes the air conditioner to work overtime trying to get enough cool air in your home to maintain the temperature that you want on your thermostat. The evaporator coil can even freeze entirely which means your house is getting little to no cool air.

Solution: Clean Your Filters

Cleaning your air filters regularly can prevent build up and keep airflow consistent. Check your filters and if you notice that you can’t see through them, they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Problem: Air Conditioner Is Dirty

Sometime the outside unit of the air conditioner can become full of dust and dirt and it can’t do its job very well. If the air conditioner is working harder than it needs to in order to cool your home, this can end up costing you more money in energy bills as well.

Solution: Clean Your AC

Cleaning an air conditioning unit is easy enough, just use your average garden hose. Ensure that you aren’t spraying too much water power on the unit, but enough to clear off any caked on dirt or debris.

Call for Help

Problem: Condenser Fan Motor Broken

If the fan motor is broken or damaged, then the air conditioner isn’t able to properly cool your house. Anytime HVAC will gladly replace this for you, give us a call!

Problem: Refrigerant Is Low

The liquid that helps absorb the heat in the air is called refrigerant. If your unit is running low on refrigerant then it won’t be able to cool the air for your home. The only time that refrigerant runs low is when there is a leak, meaning you will definitely need professional help.









If you notice a hissing noise with your air conditioner, or that it seems to cool fine when its colder outside or at night but is unable to cool when it is hot out, these are signs of a refrigerant leak.

If you notice these, turn off your air conditioner and call us right away.  This is a common issue when homeowner’s ask why isn’t my air conditioner not cooling that we find.

Problem: Damaged Compressor

An air conditioner needs a working compressor to be able to do its job properly. The compressor is arguably the most important part of your air conditioner, and if it is damaged then your AC won’t be able to cool the air going into your home.

Replacing a damaged compressor can be very costly, at Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing we can help you assess the best course of action and help you to get your air conditioner back to cooling your home as quickly as possible.  We also have many finance options for 0% interest to low affordable monthly payments and our Ease Comfort program.

If your Atlanta area home needs anything HVAC related, Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has you covered!  Let the Pro’s at Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing fix why your air conditioner is not cooling your Atlanta home!

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