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HVAC Installation Requirements

For homeowners in metro Atlanta, hot and humid summers mean a working air conditioner is a necessity. Yet many homes in the area either have one that’s inefficient or too small for the property. A well-maintained HVAC system will keep your home comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient. If you are looking to install a new air conditioner in your home or office, then schedule an appointment with one of our certified and highly-trained HVAC technicians.

Common Signs You Need AC Installation

It’s not every day that you need a new air conditioner installed. Honestly, many issues with your AC unit can be solved with a simple repair. But, when is it appropriate to have a new air conditioner installed?

AC installation is appropriate when your air conditioner is:

  • Aged. Typically, your AC unit will last 10 years. If your unit is older, it could be time to consider investing in a more efficient unit.
  • Broken down or noisy. If you’re constantly calling a technician to repair your unit, you have a problem. Constant repairs can cost more than a full system replacement.
  • Inefficient. If some of the rooms in your home are too cool or too hot, it could be due to improper system operation. Inefficient AC systems cost you more in utility bills and wear and tear on your system.

If you are in need of a new system, we offer financing and our Ease Comfort Program.



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