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If you are accustomed to heating your home with a furnace, you can imagine the pain of getting stuck with a non-working furnace when you need it most. Experience has shown that furnaces may rapidly cycle on and off or stop heating.

If you are stuck with a malfunctioning furnace during winter, and you’d like to find out how much it will cost you to repair it, that’s exactly what this article talks about.

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Factors That Affect Furnace Repair Cost
It will cost you between $100 and $1,000 to fix a damaged furnace. The repair cost is dependent on some factors which include:

  • Service

The service cost is a factor that may influence the cost of repairing a furnace. The contractor will charge you for labor and service visits. A contractor will charge you between $50 and $100 as a service fee. The fee covers diagnostics and inspection that enable the contractor to identify the problems to fix. Some technicians waive the service fee and only charge for repairs if the furnace needs repair.

Depending on the technician, the overall cost of repairing your furnace may include the service charge.

  • Warranty

If the sale warranty still covers the furnace, it may cover a part of the repair cost. Otherwise, you will bear the full repair cost.

  • General condition

What is the general condition of the furnace? The size of the furnace, age, and running condition are essential factors that will influence the cost of fixing the bad furnace. A fairly new furnace will attract a lower repair cost than an old one which may require a major and more expensive repair.

  • Time of repair

When do you intend to repair the furnace? You will be charged a higher fee for emergency repairs during the holidays or on weekends. Expect to pay higher service fees for an overnight emergency too.

  • Repair duration

Technicians generally charge an hourly rate for furnace repairs. The hourly amount varies from one company or technician to another. Most technicians charge an hourly rate of between $75 and $200. Some companies and technicians have a flat hourly rate.

  • Type of damaged component(s)

If some of the furnace’s components are damaged, the cost of replacing the damaged parts will tell on the overall repair cost. Below is a list of some components and their market prices:


Damaged Furnace Part Estimated Repair Cost
Flame sensor $80-$250.
Smart valve or gas valve $150-$750.
Draft inducer $150 – $450
Blower motor $150.
Heat exchanger $150.
Pressure sensor or circuit board $40 – $100.


  • Nature of the problem

The nature of the problem you want to fix will also determine the repair cost. Here is a list of some of the everyday furnace problems and the estimated repair costs:

Furnace Problem Estimated Repair Cost
Loss of heat $100 – $1,500.
Blowing cold air $250 – $600.
Leaking water $75 – $1,500.
Gas smell $500 – $750.
Squealing sound $150 – $250.
Frequent on and off cycling $250 – $600.
Scraping sound $100 – $250.


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