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4 Common Commercial AC Problems

4 Common Commercial AC Problems | Anytime HVAC

For commercial property owners and managers in Atlanta, ensuring the seamless operation of air conditioning systems is not just a matter of comfort—it’s critical to the productivity, safety, and satisfaction of employees, customers, and tenants. During Atlanta’s sweltering summer months, HVAC problems can lead to soaring energy bills, diminished comfort, and even cause serious business interruptions. Pay heed to the following signs indicating it may be time to contact a professional Atlanta cooling services provider:

Firstly, be attuned to any strange or unfamiliar sounds emanating from your AC unit. A well-functioning system typically operates quietly. Loud banging, clanking, buzzing, or high-pitched whistling are all indicative of internal issues ranging from loose components to refrigerant leaks or failing motors. Particularly alarming sounds should prompt an immediate shutdown of the unit and a call to a technician.

Secondly, refrigerant leaks are a common yet serious problem. As the lifeblood of your AC, refrigerant levels must be maintained; a leak or depletion can impair cooling efficiency, leading to uncomfortable indoor temperatures and overtaxing the system, potentially precipitating other costly malfunctions.

Additionally, don’t overlook the possibility of sensor problems. Often, erratic AC behavior such as inconsistent cycling or temperature fluctuations isn’t a mechanical issue within the unit but stems from a displaced or malfunctioning thermostat sensor. Addressing this early can prevent unnecessary strain on the system and energy waste.

Lastly, the importance of routine maintenance cannot be overstated. Regular checks and cleanings can prevent the compounding of minor issues into major, expensive repairs. Ensuring filters are clean and airflow is unobstructed helps maintain system efficiency and longevity.

To forestall these and other issues from escalating, consider enlisting the services of Anytime HVAC. Their team of technicians specializes in commercial HVAC services, offering installations, maintenance, and repairs tailored to the unique needs of commercial properties. Contact Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing or call 770-504-5881 to ensure your commercial AC remains a reliable asset through Atlanta’s hottest days.

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