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Low Winter Humidity is Ruining in Your Home

Wine, Books, and Wood | Anytime HVAC

Metro Atlanta residents, as December rolls in with its festive cheer, it’s crucial to be aware of the silent, pervasive issue of low humidity that comes with the colder months. While high humidity is known for causing mold and mildew, the drier air of winter can equally wreak havoc on your home’s comfort and your belongings. To keep your home’s humidity in the ideal 40-60% range during these chilly months, you might consider HVAC services to install a humidifier. Here’s a closer look at what low humidity is damaging in your home this December:

Electronics: The increased use of heating systems leads to drier indoor air, heightening the risk of static electricity. This can severely damage the delicate circuitry in the myriad of electronics that are especially in use during the holiday season.

Wood Furniture: As the air dries, so does the wood in your furniture, leading to shrinking, creaking, and loosening joints. Your precious family heirlooms and wood decorations could be at risk without proper humidity.

Wine: For those who enjoy a good bottle of wine during the holiday feasts, dry air can shrink corks, leading to oxidization and spoilage. Ensuring the right humidity is crucial to preserve your collection.

Books: The low humidity can dry out and brittle the pages of your favorite holiday reads and old books, leading to damage and aging.

Musical Instruments: Planning to serenade your family with holiday tunes? Guitars, violins, and pianos are all susceptible to cracks and damage due to low humidity.

Artwork: Protect your home’s aesthetic by ensuring the humidity doesn’t cause your precious artworks, often gifts or holiday decorations, to crack and deteriorate.

Take Control of Your Home’s Climate: Don’t let the festive December turn into a month of damage and discomfort. Contact Anytime HVAC in Metro Atlanta to check your home’s humidity levels and install an in-system humidifier. Ensure your home is comfortable, your possessions are safe, and your holiday season is as joyful as it should be with the right humidity and a robust HVAC system.

This December, make your home a sanctuary against the cold and dry outside air by ensuring optimal humidity indoors. Reach out to Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing at 770-504-5881 to safeguard your home and holiday season.

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