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HVAC Air Filters


– I’m Jason Bergstrom with Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, and today we’re going to talk about different types of gas furnaces.
– One of the things that’s overlooked by customers a lot is a simple, dirty filter.
– They don’t realize the impact this can have on a system.
– When a filter gets dirty in a system, what happens is the airflow slows down.
– So, the filter picks up particles that are in the air, which, it gets impacted in the filter.
– That’s why the filter starts getting dirty.
– When the filter gets too dirty, then it doesn’t allow enough air to pass through the filter.
– When that happens, if you’re running in heat mode, then what can happen is the furnace can actually get too hot because there’s not enough air going into the furnace.
– That will cause the furnace to overheat and cut out.
– There’s special safety features and stuff in the furnace that cut it out to keep it from getting too hot.
– You can experience a problem with your heating just from a dirty filter.
– That’s always the first thing to check.
– The same thing can happen in cooling.
– A lot of people have problems with their cooling systems and there’ll be a simple solution of not checking the filter because people don’t realize how big of an impact the filter can make.
– Again what happens with that is the filtering becomes getting impacted, it gets dirty.
– There’s not enough airflow through the furnace.
– Then what happens is your evaporator coil, that’s on top of the furnace, will get too cold.
– That means the temperature out of your vents is too cold.
– That will then begin to freeze.
– It turns into a solid block of ice and then you lose airflow and your system is frozen.
– And all that is from lack of airflow and that’s from a dirty filter.
– So it’s very, very important to check your filters.
– That’s the first thing to check.
– If you’ve checked your breakers and you’ve check these other items and you don’t see a problem, those are the simple things that you can check.
– If you found no issues with those, then it’s time to call a professional, like Anytime.

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