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Toilet Keeps Running


– Hi, my name is Brandon Ledford with Anytime Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.

-I just want to go over a couple of common issues with running toilets, of some ways that you can know if your toilet is running,

-which can lead to a very high water bill.

The first thing that we usually do is we look inside the bowl to see if there’s any water movement.

– If you see water movement minutes after you flush the toilet, you know, your toilet is running and wasting water.

– The second thing you want to look for is, you want to pull your tank lid off, make sure you set it in a secure place so you don’t drop or break it, and then you want to look inside your tank.

– Most all tanks are very similar.

– Some have cylinders, some have flappers, but you shouldn’t be able to hear any water movement or see any water movement.

– If you do, this is an indication your toilets running and, basically, money down the drain.

– If you experience any of these troubles, please give us a call.

– We’d be happy to come out and assess the situation and, you know, get you fixed up. Contact us today.

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