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We all know that winter in Atlanta, Georgia can be quite cold and demanding. Although the cold is not as tough and severe as in the northern part of the United States, it is still normal to want to feel comfortable as the temperature drops. You’d want to have a suitable warmth and efficient heating system before the cold becomes unbearable. That’s why it is crucial to service your heating system before it becomes chilly. Here are a few common heating system problems you could experience and the best ways to fix them:

  1. Your Heating System Not Turning Off

It can be annoying when you try to turn off the heating system but it continues to run and blow hot air. To fix this, you will need to first ensure that your heating system is not set on “auto”. Being in “auto” means it will continue to run and blow until it reaches the set temperature before it goes off.

If it persists after doing this, then your thermostat could be wired incorrectly or broken. Check to ensure your wiring is correctly plugged and reset the settings to the default or manufacturer’s settings. If after trying this and the problem persists, the problem is with the blower and you can contact us at   770-504-5881. We will be glad to help you out.

  1. Your Vents Blow Cold Air

You might be surprised that after turning on your heating system it blows cold air. This is a common problem that might be caused by leaky ducts. Here are a few things to rectify the problem.

Thermostat: check your thermostat to ensure you set it at the right temperature. If you did, turn up the thermostat a bit and notice if there is any difference in temperature. Also, remember to set the thermostat at auto instead of the ‘fan on’ because the fan will not blow heated air. If the problem still persists after all these have been checked, the air filter is next.

 Air Filter: when the filter is filled with lots of debris and dirt, it affects the proper functioning of the heating system. It is recommended to change the filter every two to three months. If your air filter is dirty, it might be the reason for blowing cool air. Consider changing it as soon as possible.

Pilot Light: check the pilot light of your heating system to ensure it is lit. If it’s not, there might not be gas flowing to it. However, if you notice that the gas valve is off, kindly get in touch with us at   770-504-5881

Air Ducts: A simple way to check is by turning your fan on then, go to your attic or crawl space. Check your ductwork to feel any leakage. If you don’t notice anything, cautiously light a bit of incense and hold it close to one of the intersection joints to check whether the smoke blows away from the ventilation work, this will indicate that you have a leak.

  1. Some areas of Your House Are not Heating Properly

It is often a common occurrence to experience partial heating in some areas of the house i.e. the heat is not uniformly circulated. If you notice this, it could be that you have issues with your heating system’s belts, bearings, fan motor or your duct work or it could be that you have a dirty air filter. It is quite easy to replace the air filter but you should contact   770-504-5881 for larger issues with your heating system and ductwork.

  1. Your Thermostat Controls Aren’t Working

If your thermostat is giving you a problem, you can try replacing the batteries if it is digital. If it isn’t working, check to see if there’s no tripped circuit or check the wiring again and then, reset to the manufacturer’s settings.

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