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The Power of Solar for Atlanta Homeowners

Many homeowners might think of solar panels as a thing of the future, but they’ve been functioning in modern society for decades now. When technology like this makes its way into homes, the savings can be tremendous.

Home Solar Panels | Solar Energy | Anytime HVACBut why choose solar panels over the traditional energy sources like gas or electric? Recent studies show that close to 70 percent of homeowners want more options when it comes to their energy and electricity supply.

Choosing solar panels in Atlanta as that alternative energy and electricity source provides homeowners an added option to save money on their electricity bills and preserve the environment. However, there’s even more benefits for homeowners to gain!

How Much Do Solar Energy Panels Cost?

It’s one downside to investing in solar energy as your new energy source but that’s just it, you’re investing. There’s almost a 90 percent guarantee you’ll earn back what you spent on your solar energy system within nine years of your purchase.

A system averages around $20,000, yet prices vary and can decrease depending on how many panels you choose to install.

However, government incentives including tax credits, can take the burden off of you when you’re ready to make your purchase. Because you’re adding to the preservation of the environment, the government allows you to take advantage of a little over $10,000 dollars in incentives. These figures fluctuate depending on if you live in a highly populated city or a high-pollution area.

Why is Solar So Important?

The benefits of solar power are far-reaching and don’t just benefit your home or your wallet, it benefits the entire earth.

The Environment

It’s one form of energy that has been proven to reduce the amount of toxic emissions into the atmosphere and it’s one of the main reasons why homeowners are switching over to solar power.

The average solar power system will offset 30 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years, saving the equivalent of:

  • Avoiding 60,000 miles driven
  • Planting 2,400 trees
  • Avoiding 80,000 gallons of water used in electricity production
  • Avoiding 16 tons of burned coal

Saving You Money

Installing solar power systems doesn’t just stop at saving the environment, but it helps you save your hard-earned money.

Homeowners who switched from electric to solar noted their power bills were reduced on average around $100 a month. In winter months, power bills on average were around ten dollars a month.

In addition to saving on your monthly power bills, you could see an increase in property value. Homeowners report an average increase of about $15,000 in their homes equity once their solar power energy system was installed.

Less Maintenance

Once a solar power system is installed, there is little cost associated with operation. Your solar power panels will function without any guidance from the homeowner. As energy is produced, it is stored away for when you need it the most even on those cloudy days.

The average solar panel produced today has a life expectancy of 30 or more years, leaving you a chance to save money on maintenance and replacement while saving on your monthly power bills.

Take Advantage of Solar Energy in Atlanta

It’s obvious that Atlanta is growing by rapidly by the second, which means more pollution will fill the city air. Why not help reduce carbon emissions and save money?

For more information on how solar powered energy can benefit you and your Atlanta home, contact Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at 770-504-5881!

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