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Top 3 Warning Signs that Your Atlanta A/C Unit Needs Replacing Over Repair 

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Nearing the thick of summer, a phenomenon occurs annually in the humid city of Atlanta, Georgia. Residents begin dropping their thermostats as low as they can afford, which inevitably results in a mass breakdown of air conditioning units throughout the city. Being that Atlanta is nearly uninhabitable during the summer months with no ac, a broken air conditioning unit leaves residents with just two options: replace or repair. So, without the expertise of an HVAC professional, how exactly does one know whether they are in need of a brand new ac installation, or a simple ac repair? Well, here are three warning signs that might mean it’s finally time to replace your ac unit.

  1. 1. Age

While it’s the most obvious warning sign, the age of an air conditioning system can be extremely important. The EPA’s Energy Star program recommends that air conditioning units over 10 years old be replaced. This rule certainly does have its exceptions; some units die long before the ten-year mark, and some units are still efficient well passed it. That being said, if a major repair is needed on a unit that is nearing or passed the ten-year mark, it’s less risky to purchase a new unit than it is to pay for a major repair on the old one.

  1. 2. High Utility Bill 

If your increased summer ac usage is resulting in an abnormally large utility bill, you may want to consider replacing your old unit with a more energy efficient model. A high utility bill can also stem from air duct problems or insufficient installation, but if you are certain these factors are nonissues, the air conditioning unit itself is likely the problem. Additionally, if past repairs have failed to lower your utility bill or raise your unit’s energy efficiency, it is probably time to install a new model with higher energy efficiency.

  1. 3. Humidity or Inconsistent Temperatures

In addition to a high utility bill, duct problems or lack of installation can result in humidity and inconsistent temperatures in your home. That being said, if your ducts are sealed and working properly and your home has an adequate amount of installation, but you still experience issues with humidity or maintaining a desirable temperature, your ac has likely run its course. If either humidity or temperature inconsistencies has been a long term issue, or if you are sure your ac unit does not simply need a minor repair, installing a new unit might just be your only option.

Installing a brand new ac unit can be a daunting task, but air conditioning repairs can add up very quickly, especially if your unit needs to be replaced, not repaired. You may feel as though installing a brand new ac is not financially viable, but prolonging the replacement with short term repairs can have an even greater cost.

If you decide it is finally time to replace your ac unit, Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can help you choose the best system for your home. You can schedule a free estimate from Anytime today to see if a new system installation is right for you. When you’re ready to replace your ac, install with Anytime for a 10 Year Parts Labor Warranty, a complimentary air cleaner with installation, and affordable financing options!

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