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The Best Way to Control Indoor Temperatures Without Running Up Your Energy Costs

Many homeowners experience temperature fluctuations from one room to the next in their home. There are many factors that can affect indoor temperatures, such as sunlight and room activity, but these issues can all be addressed with an HVAC zoning system.

A zoning system does exactly as the name suggests — it heats and cools different “zones” within your home, based on the temperature that’s best for each particular zone.

If you want to take control of your home’s comfort level, trust Anytime HVAC to install an HVAC system customized for zoning your living space.


The Problem with One-Zone Systems

A one-zone HVAC system relies on a single thermostat, usually located in a central hallway of the home, to signal your cooling or heating system to activate when the thermostat’s temperature setting is not consistent with the room temperature.

When a one-zone thermostat signals the system to turn on or off, it does so for every room in your home, regardless of their individual temperatures. The only temperature that matters is in the area near the thermostat.

This is impractical, and creates issues with comfort control. Multi-story homes have varying temperatures, because heat rises. Rooms that get lots of sunlight will be warmer than shaded rooms. It’s also difficult to maintain a healthy indoor air quality on a single-zone system, because everything runs through a single air-return grille.

One-zone systems can limit air flow, because homeowners open and close air vents in a room to control temperatures. When too many vents are shut, it restricts air flow through the furnace and air conditioning coils. This reduction can cause furnaces to overheat and AC coils to freeze, both of which can have expensive consequences. A zoned system ensures that an appropriate and safe number of air ducts remain open at all times.

If you want to get more out of your heating and cooling system, give Anytime HVAC a call to schedule a free estimate on a custom HVAC zoning system for your home.

Zoning Systems Give You Control and Comfort

Anytime’s service technicians design and install custom zoning systems that will increase your HVAC’s efficiency and give you control over the temperature and comfort level in the rooms of your home. A properly installed zoning system can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility bills.

In a zoned system, every zone has its own designated thermostat and an automatic damper installed in the duct that controls the airflow to that zone. Zones can be as specific as individual rooms, or a set up as a simple system that divides a multi-story home into sections with a dedicated thermostat for each floor.

Programmable thermostats allow you to preset times and temperatures, based on room usage and comfort levels. This cuts down on energy consumption by not heating or cooling unoccupied rooms during the day, but keeping you comfortable by activating at your desired time. They also give you the freedom to cool or heat zones at the same time but at different temperatures.

In addition to reduced energy costs, an HVAC zoning system reduces how often the home’s furnace or air conditioning unit cycles on and off, extending the life of the equipment.

Control your home’s comfort and energy usage with a custom zoning system. Call Anytime HVAC today to schedule your appointment.


Install a Zoning System in Your Home

There are a few ways to increase your home’s comfort and efficiency with an HVAC zoning system. A common solution is retrofitting an existing HVAC system with three additional components to accommodate zoning:


  • Electronically controlled dampers are installed in the ductwork of the existing system, so that they can be opened and closed to heat and cool each zone.
  • Thermostats are added to each zone to monitor the real-time temperature.
  • A master control panel monitors the thermostats, dampers, and heating and cooling equipment to ensure each zone is functioning properly.

If you want to save money while increasing the comfort of your home, all it takes is one call to Anytime HVAC to schedule your appointment for a zoning system. Our certified and experienced technicians offer free estimates on new HVAC equipment. Financing options are available, and all parts we install are backed by a 10-year manufacturer parts warranty.

How much money will you save on energy costs when you switch to an HVAC zoning system? Give us a call today at 770-504-5881 to enjoy the comfort and savings of a zoned system.

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